Dallas Portrait Photography Specials
Having your portrait taken is one of the most important things that you will do to promote yourself if you are a model or actor. Your portrait is the first thing that a potential client will see – your First Impression! There are times when your head shot is the only thing a casting agent will see and may hire you directly from it and your resume.

You can feel confident that I am the photographer who will help you look your best.

We work closely with you to get that great image, whether it’s a commercial or dramatic look you are going for. You can feel good knowing you will get great photos in a relaxing and fun environment — all to maximize your portfolio and get the phone ringing with jobs for you!


1.Get a nice haircut

2.Get rest the night before to look fresh

3.Prepare your outfits. You need clothes you feel confident in. Typically a model comp card will want a business look, a high-fashion look, a casual look and a sexy look. Tip: don’t wear dark dark colors as they will look heavy. Unpatterned grays, earth tones and colors that work with your complexion and eyes make for the best clothes to wear.


1.What should I wear?

• For Business Executive Portraits: one or two suits at most. Executive portraits may want both a suit-and-tie and a “business casual”.

• For Headshots: bring up to 4 outfits (usually a model will want: business, high fashion, casual, and sexy). Your clothes are not the focus, you are. So don’t wear loud or busy patterns or black.

2.What about color and black and white?

We shoot in color and any photo can be changed to black and white.

3.Which shots will be indoors and which ones will be outdoors?

We prefer location shoots with natural light and we have many nice outdoor places to select from.

4.Will there be a make-up artist and a hairstylist and does the quoted price include these services?

We have makeup artists available on call for an additional $200. We suggest keeping makeup minimal as casting directors and art directors want to see you, not your makeup.

5.How soon will I be able to see and order proofs?

Within 5 days we will email the link where you can download both your Print and your Web resolution photos directly to your computer to use and print as you see fit.

6.Will I also need a release form so that I can have the pictures duplicated?

We will give you a CD-ROM with all your photos on it along with a release form stating that you have full reproduction rights. You own your photos. That way, you can order through us or print your own from the CD as you choose.